Mary Z McCullough

My name is Mary McCullough. I'm an acupuncturist practicing Classical Five Element Acupuncture in the J.R. Worsley Tradition. I originally created this yoga and meditation site to teach my patients how to maintain the peace and harmony they experience after an acupuncture session, and to share ways to create habits that help us maintain a healthier balance of life.  

I believe that by always being truthful, in the way we live, in how we interact with others, and most importantly, in how we relate to ourselves, our best opportunities are laid at our feet, effortlessly. In this way, the road to harmony, prosperity, joy and happiness, the ability to face and handle life's challenges with grace, and the empowerment of self knowledge and self actualization become our bliss. 

In creating this site and this practice, I hope to offer my patients, friends, family members and global community members clear and accessible means to both attain and maintain a healthy work-life balance.  

My greatest hope is that you will become the most honest, powerful and capable version of yourself for which nature has provided. For a full bio and information on my acupuncture practice, click here.  



Santa Monica, CA and Long Beach, CA

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